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Podcast 77 Guest – Texas Premium CBD

TRFNB, Your bank for life.


  •  The city of Austin has passed Prop A by vote to eliminate misdemeanor marijuana arrests and ban the use of no-knock warrants. 
  • Ray Altamirano MD is a first generation American. His parents came from Coahuila, Mexico to contribute and thrive in this great land. He is native of South Side San Antonio and a graduate of Harlandale High School.GOOD EARTH MMJ CLINICMEDICAL MARIJUANA TO GET YOU WELL, NOT HIGH.* VA veterans will NOT lose their benefits if they […]
  • David and Jay discuss the growing changes in cannabis abroad the US and here at home in Texas. the two discuss a new case of unlawful seizure of LEGAL Hemp in Navarro County. Sky & Hobbs Organics owner Hunter Robinson’s spent the night in jail and had his crop seized despite having all his legal […]

Cannabis Law News

  • by Sean Hocking
    Marijuana Moment reports The Justice Department is telling the U.S. Supreme Court that it should not take up a case concerning workers’ compensation for medical marijuana that could have wide-ranging implications related to federal supremacy. And part of its reasoning is that Congress appears to be moving toward a solution on its own, as lawmakers work to […]
  • by Sean Hocking
    Here’s the  McGlinchey announcement SEATTLE (May 2022) — McGlinchey is pleased to announce that nationally-recognized cannabis attorney, Heidi Urness, has joined the firm as a Member. She will be the Chair of the Cannabis Practice Group and located in Seattle. Heidi will focus her practice on representing participants from the broad range of the cannabis […]


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