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  • Shayda Torabi  CEO at RESTART CBD ◦ Texas Cannabis Leader ◦ Host of To Be Blunt: The Podcast for Cannabis Marketers ◦ Cannabis Marketing Expert ◦ Content Creator @TheShaydaTorabi ◦ Public Speaker Ilissa Nolan - Government Affairs Consultant at Booth & Associates, P.C Executive Director of Th Texas Hemp Coalition
  • Lisa Pittman gives a brief update in the 1st segment of the show on the little movement in the recent 88th Texas Legislative Session regarding cannabis, hemp and cbd.Russell & Rachel also talk about the upcoming issue of the Texas Hemp Reporter for June & whatarticles the team were working on.The Texas Cannabis Roundup event makes the cover […]
  • Live Remote Broadcast from Headshop on Wheels Cafe at FM 620 & FM 2222 in "four-points" area in west Austin.Live Music from Sciborg Sam, free treats with Sweet Sensi, taste testing also with Ryan from 2Wisted CBD slushys.With the Car and the Tent this week our on location show recorded Saturday with lots of friends […]

Cannabis Law News

  • by Sean Hocking
    Jeffrey Schultz has joined Foley Hoag LLP as a partner in its Business Department and Cannabis Industry practice, where he will focus on corporate and securities law matters, early company financings, and state-law cannabis regulatory matters. He is resident in the firm’s New York office. Schultz was previously general counsel, CCO and partner at Navy […]
  • by Sean Hocking
    There’s some classic Orwellian doublespeak in this press release. We especially like the bit that says ..INCB’s work supports Member States in achieving the health and welfare objectives of the drug control conventions . Nothing better, we say,  than furthering empowering the black market for ensuring health outcomes. As we say every year.. obviously they […]


  • by HempToday®
    Minnesota’s new cannabis law has legalized both high-producing delta-8 and delta-9 THC derived from industrial hemp, and will allow such products to be widely available to consumers. The relatively low-dose … Minnesota OKs hemp-derived delta-8 and delta-9 THC, bans other synthetics Read More »
  • by HempToday®
    Hemp leaves separate from flowers are a traditional food and may be marketed in Europe, the European Commission has clarified once and for all. The decision, which came from a … Clarification on legality of hemp leaves in EU should boost tea market Read More »

RSS Project CBD

  • Cannabis & the Bible May 31, 2023
    An excerpt adapted from 'Cannabis: Lost Sacrament of the Ancient World' by Chris Bennett. The post Cannabis & the Bible appeared first on Project CBD.
  • Which Terpenes Enhance the Cannabis High? May 25, 2023
    New study shows cannabis terpenes boost signaling at the CB1 cannabinoid receptor. The post Which Terpenes Enhance the Cannabis High? appeared first on Project CBD.
  • Finding Rare Cannabinoids in Non-Cannabis Plants May 18, 2023
    The Woolly Umbrella Shrub is a Source of CBGA and Other Cannabinoids. The post Finding Rare Cannabinoids in Non-Cannabis Plants appeared first on Project CBD.
  • Psychedelic Research Potpourri May 10, 2023
    New Studies on Magic Mushrooms, DMT Infusions, and Microdosing LSD. The post Psychedelic Research Potpourri appeared first on Project CBD.